Organization of Craft Work

Organization of Craft Work

Identities, Meanings, and Materiality

Bell, Emma; Taylor, Scott

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Introduction: Understanding contemporary craft work Emma Bell, Maria Laura Toraldo, Scott Taylor and Gianluigi Mangia 1. Craft in Japan Robin Holt and Yutaka Yamauchi 2. Crafted in America: from culture to profession Shelby Solomon and Blake Mathias 3. Wine, the authenticity taste regime and rendering craft Jennifer Smith Maguire 4. Organising the home as making space: crafting scale, identity, and boundary contestation Susan Luckman and Jane Andrew 5. Smells like craft spirit: craft as empowerment and social movement in niche perfumery Claus Noppeney and Nada Endrissat 6. Deploying social memory for international recognition: the role of place and tradition in an Italian silk tie maker Maria Laura Toraldo, Stefano Consiglio and Gianluigi Mangia 7. Back to the brewster: craft brewing, gender and the dialectical interplay of retraditionalisation and innovation Chris Land, Neil Sutherland and Scott Taylor 8. Craft as a contested term: meaning diversities between entrepreneurs and consumers in the craft-brewing industry Nadine Waehning, Maria Karampela and Juho Pesonen 9. Making livelihoods within communities of practice: the place of guild organisations in the craft sector Nicola J. Thomas and Doreen Jakob 10. The cordwainers lair: contingency in bespoke shoemaking Robert Ott 11. Craft as resistance: a conversation about craftivism, embodied enquiry and craft-based methodologies Ann Rippin and Sheena J. Vachhani 12. Being maker-centric: making as method for self-organization and achieving craft impact in local communities and economies Fiona Hackney, Deirdre Figueiredo, Laura Onions, Gavin Rogers and Jana Milovanovic 13. Reflecting on the relationship between craft and history: perspectives, resources and contemporary implications Richard Blundel