Nordic Constitutions

Nordic Constitutions

A Comparative and Contextual Study

Krunke, Helle; Thorarensen, Bjorg

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC






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1. Introduction Helle Krunke and Bjoerg Thorarensen 2. Common Roots of Nordic Constitutional Law? Some Observations on Legal-Historical Development and Relations between the Constitutional Systems of Five Nordic Countries Markku Suksi 3. Institutions and Division of Powers Thomas Bull 4. Mechanisms for Parliamentary Control of the Executive Bjoerg Thorarensen 5. Judicial Review of Legislation Eivind Smith 6. Human Rights in Nordic Constitutions and the Impact of International Obligations Tuomas Ojanen 7. Impact of the EU/EEA on the Nordic Constitutional Systems Helle Krunke 8. Concluding Thoughts Helle Krunke and Bjoerg Thorarensen
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