Next Phase of Business Ethics

Next Phase of Business Ethics

Celebrating 20 Years of REIO

Schwartz, Michael; Harris, Howard

Emerald Publishing Limited






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This volume looks at the role of organizations in society, the international and multidisciplinary scope of business ethics, and the importance of narrative.
Introductory Essay: The Next Phase of Business Ethics; Howard Harris and Michael Schwartz SPECIAL SECTION: 20 YEARS OF REIO Chapter 1. Reminiscences on the founding of REIO; Moses L. Pava Chapter 2. A Big Picture Approach to (C)SR: Where Are We Now?; Christine A. Hemingway Chapter 3. 25 years with The Moral of the Story; Nina Rosenstand Chapter 4. The Future of Business Ethics and the Individual Decision Maker; Avi Kay Chapter 5. Lessons From The Fox-Hunt; Michael Schwartz and Debra R. Comer ARTICLES Chapter 6. Everyday Redemption: Performances of Hope; Moses L. Pava Chapter 7. Fences Outside Fences: The Uses Of Heroic Marginality In Ethical Behavior; Barry M. Mitnick and Martin Lewison REVIEWS Chapter 8. Learning through Film: A Gift from India; Kemi Ogunyemi
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