New Metrics

New Metrics

Practical Assessment of Research Impact

Lasda, Elaine M.

Emerald Publishing Limited






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New methods in bibliometrics and alternative metrics provide us with information about research impact at both increasingly granular and global levels. Here, editor Elaine Lasda and a cast of expert contributors present a variety of case studies that demonstrate the practical utilization of these new scholarly metrics.
1. A Brief History and Overview; Elaine Lasda 2. Scholarly Metrics at NCAR; Keith Maull and Matthew Mayernik 3. New Metrics for Measuring Academic Research Outside the Ivory Tower; Kendra Levine 4. A Breath of Fresh Air: New Bibliometric Services at EPA-RTP Library; Anthony Holderied and Taylor Abernethy 5. Compliance and Defiance: Michigan Publishing's Early Encounters with Research Impact Metrics; Rebecca Welzenbach and Charles Watkinson 6. Altmetrics in the Museum Environment; Richard P. Hulser 7. What Have We Learned Today? A Synthesis of Cases Presented; Elaine Lasda
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