Jewish Law Annual Volume 17

Jewish Law Annual Volume 17

Lifshitz, Berachyahu (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

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Part 1: 1. Neria Guttel, It is Indeed in Heaven: The Uniqueness of the Laws of the Temple in the Halakhic Doctrine of Rabbi A. I. Kook 2. David Henshke, The Number of Judges in Ancient Israel 3. Leib Moscovitz, "The Actions of a Minor are a Nullity"?Some Observations on the Legal Capacity of Minors in Rabbinic Lawm 4. Avinoam Rosenak, Prophecy and Halakha: Dialectic in the Meta-Halakhic Thought of Rabbi A.I. Kook 5. Haim Shapira, The Schools of Hillel and Shammai 6. Yuval Sinai, Judicial Authority in Fraudulent-Claim Cases (din merume) 7. Ronnie Warburg, Breach of a Promise to Marry Part 2: 8. Daniel B. Sinclair, Jewish Law in the State of Israel 8.1 The Constitutional Validity of the Sabbath Observance Law 8.2 Terminally Ill Patient Law, 5766-2005 Part 3: Book reviews of Aviad Hacohen, The Tears of The Oppressed, An Examination of the Agunah Problem: Background and Halachic Sources, Bernard Jackson, Avishalom Westreich
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