History of the Panzerwaffe

History of the Panzerwaffe

Volume 1: 1939-42

Anderson, Thomas

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC






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With revealing combat reports, photographs and archival collections, this book uncovers the technical and operational stories of the formidable armoured beasts that formed the backbone of the German war machine - tanks such as the Panzer I, II and 38(t).
1 Laying the foundation - pre-war establishment 2 The seizure of Czechoslovakia - backing the Panzerwaffe 3 Poland - the ordeal 4 France - at eye level 5 The Balkans - the unwanted campaign 6 Russia - an overmighty opponent? 7 1942 - upgrading the Panzers 8 North Africa - defeat instead of superiority 9 Dark prospects - Waiting for the new tanks 10 Tank recovery and repair 1935-42
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