Great War and the British Empire

Great War and the British Empire

Culture and society


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List of Figures Notes on Contributors Foreword: Richard Cork: Hyde Park Corner: Imperial Triumph and Tragedy' Part I: The Great War and the British Empire Chapter 1: The Great War and the British Empire: Conflict, Culture, and Memory', Michael Walsh and Andrekos Varnava Chapter 2 The First World War and the Cultural, Political, and Environmental Transformation of the British Empire', John MacKenzie Part II: Imperial Responses, Identities and Culture Chapter 3: The Kaiser Cartoon', 1914-1918: A Transnational Comic Art Genre', Richard Scully Chapter 4: Musical Entertainment and the British Empire, 1914-1918', E. L Hanna Chapter 5: "We New Zealanders pride ourselves most of all upon loyalty to our Empire, our Country, our Flag": Internalised Britishness and National Character in New Zealand's First World War Propaganda' Greg Hynes Chapter 6: Heligoland: Between the Lion and the Eagle' Jan Asmussen Chapter 7: Imperial Austerlitz: The Singapore Strategy and the Culture of Victory, 1917-1924', William Matthew Kennedy Part III: Art, Memory and Forgetting Chapter 8: Our Warrior Brown Brethran: Identity and Difference in Images of Non-White Soldiers serving with the British Army in British Art of the First World War.' Jonathan Black Chapter 9: The Imagining of Mesopotamia/Iraq in British Art in the Aftermath of the Great War', Tim Buck Chapter 10: Spaces of Conflict and Ambivalent Attachments: Irish Artists Visualize the Great War', Nuala Johnson Chapter 11: Empire and Nation in Canadian and Australian First World War Exhibitions, 1917-1922', Jennifer Wellington Chapter 12: A Tribute to the British Empire: Lowell Thomas's With Allenby in Palestine and Lawrence in Arabia', Justin Fantauzzo Chapter 13: An Architecture of Imperial Ambivalence: The Patcham Chattri', Tim Barringer Chapter 14: The Great War's Impact on Imperial Delhi: Commemorating Wartime Sacrifice in the Colonial Built Environment', David Johnson Chapter 15: Sounds from the Trenches: Australian Composers and the Great War', Andrew Harrison Chapter 16: Brutalised' veterans and tragic anti-heroes: Masculinity, Crime and Post-War Trauma in Boardwalk Empire and Peaky Blinders', Evan Smith Chapter 17: The Politics of Forgetting the Cypriot Mule Corps', Andrekos Varnava
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