Grammar of Messianism

Grammar of Messianism

An Ancient Jewish Political Idiom and Its Users

Novenson, Matthew V. (Senior Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburg)

Oxford University Press Inc






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In this book, Novenson gives a revisionist account of messianism in antiquity. He shows that, for the ancient Jews and Christians who used the term, a messiah was not an article of faith but a manner of speaking: a scriptural figure of speech useful for thinking kinds of political order.
Acknowledgements Abbreviations 1. After the Messianic Idea 2. Oil and Power in Ancient Israel 3. Messiahs Born and Made 4. Messiahs Present and Absent 5. The Quest for the First Messiah 6. The Jewish Messiah-Christian Messiah Distinction 7. The Fate of Messiah Christology in Early Christianity 8. The Grammar of Messianism Bibliography Index of Subjects Index of Ancient Sources Index of Modern Authors
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