Freedom of Information Officer's Handbook

Freedom of Information Officer's Handbook

Gibbons, Paul

Facet Publishing






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This book provides a comprehensive guide to the practical management of freedom of information compliance, including interpretation of the Act as well as the Environmental Information Regulations.
1. Introduction 2. The FOI Officer 3. Governance and resources 4. Training and awareness 5. Searching for information 6. Dealing with requesters 7. How FOI affects relationships between organisations 8. Proactive disclosure 9. Interpreting requests and preparing information 10. Drafting responses 11. Records management and archives 12. Copyright and FOI 13. FOI, public relations and the media 14. Handling complaints 15. Appeals and enforcement 16. The Environmental Information Regulations 17. Managing the burden of FOI and EIR 18. Applying exemptions 19. Data protection and FOI 20. FOI in the British Islands.