Fan-Qui of China

Fan-Qui of China

Everyday Life in 19th Century China

Downing, C. Toogood

I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd.



Mixed media product



Charles Downing provides one of the first detailed descriptions of life in China by a western visitor.
Contents Volume I Chapter 1 China trade restricted to Canton; British free-traders; Direct voyage; Double voyage; Straits' produce; Time of proceeding to China; Monsoons; China Sea; Typhoons; Destruction of native junks; Appearance of the ocean; Pulo-sapata; Dragon flies; The Ladrones; Outside pilots; Dress of fishermen; Departure for Macao; Boatmen; Olo man; Description of fast boat; Night among the Islands; Ye-moon; Yat-moon; Passage between them; Ghos-paper, crackers; Ghos-pidgeon; Chinese bed; Pillow; Ghos-house; Ghos-stic; Altercation among fishermen; The larger Chee-Chow; Departure and arrival at the port Chapter 2 Macao; Mandarins; Egg-boats; Portuguese settlement; Government of the place; Residence of European ladies; Marquick's Hotel; Evening promenades; Chinese Philosophers; Servants and waiters; Barborous language; Cave of Camoens; Beale's gardens; Communication between Macao and Canton; Broadway river; Departure; Port custom; Approaching thunderstorm; Management of Chinese sailors; Island of Laf-samee; Inside pilot; Departure of outside pilot Chapter 3 Macao roads; Contraband trade; Consumption of opium; Lintin; Cum-sing-moon; Opium trade; Clippers; Smug-boats; Receiving vessels; Chinese courage; Peak and island of Lintin; Fishing stakes; Bocca Tigris; Anna-hoy; Anson's bay; Chuen-pee; The chop; Battle of Bogue; First and batteries; Native pirates; Jealous precaution of the government against Portuguese; Native chronicles; Tiger island and fort; Paddy ground; Duck-boats; Second-bar Pagoda; Stone quarries; Bar boats Chapter 4 Whampoa village; First-bar; View of fleet in Whampoa Reach; Importance of the trade; Was-boats; Chinese girls; Collection of small stores; Port customs; Security system; Compradores; Olo acow; San-pan-Sam; Modes of cheating in former times; Preventive service; Polite dialogue; Supply of meat; Preparations for unloading; The linguist; The clerks' boats; The pursers; Their apparatus; The chops or cargo-boats; Unloading Chapter 5 Great variety of craft on the river; Numbers of people who live on the water; Maternal precaution; General description of the boats; The eye on the bows; Large junks; The Loong-froong; Merchant junk; Entering Junk river; Men-of-war; Cannon; Compass; Mandarin boat; Occupation; Smug-boats; Smugglers; Way of proceeding; The river Tigris; Intricate channels; Chase and capture of a smuggler Chapter 6 The great plain of Quang-see; The great rivers; Narrow limits for foreigners; Danger of being bambooed; Danes an French islands; Sam-shu wigwam; Native tombs; Second bar pagoda; Whampoa Reach; The double-decker; Rice ship; Chinese and foreign smallcraft; Quickness of natives; American vessels; Green paddy-fields; Range of mountains; The pauper's tombstone; Seaman's burial ground; Country pagodas; The quoit ground; Causeway; Theatre; Rice agriculture; Duck-boats; Management of birds Chapter 7 Chinese boats; Clerks-boats; External ornament; Internal arrangement; Mosquitoes and flies; Musical instruments; Tea-drinking; Smoking pipes; Opium smoking; Lanterns; The swan-pan; Way of writing; Sealing the chop; The written language; Or
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