Facet Copyright Collection

Facet Copyright Collection

Padfield, Tim; Pedley, Paul; Cornish, Graham P.

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Copyright, 6th edition Interpreting the law for libraries, archives and information services GRAHAM P CORNISH 1. Definition and law 2. What is covered by copyright 3. Rights and limitations 4. Literary, dramatic and musical works 5. Artistic works 6. Sound recordings 7. Films, videos and DVDs 8. Broadcasts 9. Databases 10. Licensing schemes 11. Computer programs, websites and the electronic world 12. Other matters Practical Copyright for Library and Information Professionals PAUL PEDLEY 1. General principles 2. Legislative framework 3. Acts permitted in relation to copyright works (The Copyright Exceptions) 4. Licensing 5. Digital copyright 6. Orphan works 7. Copyright compliance 8. Copyright for the corporate sector Copyright for Archivists and Records Managers, 5th edition TIM PADFIELD 1. What is copyright? 2. Copyright protection 3. Ownership 4. Publication, exhibition and performance 5. Use 6. Copyright in the electronic environment 7. Special cases 8. Other intellectual property rights 9. Appendix 10. Bibliography 11. Authorities
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