Ethics of Animal Labor

Ethics of Animal Labor

A Collaborative Utopia

Porcher, Jocelyne

Springer International Publishing AG






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Introduction 1.What is Animal Husbandry? Discoveries and learning Zootechnics, the "science of the exploitation of animal machines" Laying down arms2. The promises of work Work and emancipation "/div>Recognition of work and assessment of ties Animal Husbandry, a nuisance that we would be better off without 3. Industrial lifestock farms/animal production Contagion of suffering and moral suffering A redoubtable analogy 4. Animal death The industrial Abattoir: "difficult times" Killing animals 5. Living without life What is the purpose of "Animal welfare"? Liberate animals? The logical conclusion of animal factory : in vitro meat 6. Living with animals, a utopia for the 21st century Wild and domestic: the wolf and the ewe The status of domestic animals A good job Living conditions at work The place of the death of animals in work The collaboration of animals at work Conclusion Bibliography
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