Epic Voyages of Maud Berridge

Epic Voyages of Maud Berridge

The seafaring diaries of a Victorian lady

Berridge, Sally

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC






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Dedication Acknowledgments A note to Maud Introduction Chapter One Maud and Henry Chapter Two On board a sailing ship Water Food Running repairs Navigation: latitudes and longitudes Life on board the Superb Captain and crew Chapter Three Victorian times Reticent women Women on sailing ships Women's diaries of sea voyages Chapter Four Britain's sailors and ships in the nineteenth century Green's of Blackwall Voyaging to and from Australia in the nineteenth century Chapter Five Maud's voyages 1869-70 Maud's first voyage: the Walmer Castle 1880-81 Maud's second voyage with the boys 1882-83 Maud's third voyage: records from the Superb Gazette 1883-84 Maud's fourth voyage: her diaries 1886-87 Maud's fifth voyage The perilous journey home: rounding Cape Horn Chapter Six On board with the boys Chapter Seven To Melbourne, then off to San Francisco Chapter Eight Two months in San Francisco and the return voyage to England Chapter Nine Afternotes Maud and Henry's deaths and burials Towards the end of the age of sail Superb scrapped Chapter Ten The darling boys: Jesse and Harold's lives and careers Current descendants Chapter Eleven Traces and reflections Appendix I Temperleys in Australia in the 1800s and early 1900s Appendix II Henry's Merchant Navy Service Appendix III Passenger list for Superb 1883 London to Melbourne Crew list References
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