Emerald Handbook of Management and Organization Inquiry

Emerald Handbook of Management and Organization Inquiry

Boje, David M.; Sanchez, Professor Mabel

Emerald Publishing Limited






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The Emerald Handbook of Management and Organization Inquiry provides new and innovative insights into the field of management and organization inquiry. It provides extensive coverage of the 7S structure that has been so transformational for the field: Storytelling, System, Sustainability, Science, Spirit, Spirals, and Sociomateriality.
PrefaceIntroduction; David M. Boje Part I: The History of the Standing Conference for Management and Organization Inquiry, Its Transitions and Transformations STORYTELLING Chapter 1. Standing Conference for Management and Organizational Inquiry: 1991-2016: Embodiment Enlivens 25 Years of a Critical Storytelling Conference; Grace Ann Rosile and Robert Dennehy SYSTEMS Chapter 2. Autism: Storytelling Systems; Jillian Saylors SUSTAINABILITY Chapter 3. The Roots of the Socioeconomic Theory (SEAM); David M. Boje and Mabel Sanchez SCIENCE Chapter 4. Negotiating Academic Stories Everyday: Science After the Narrative Turn in the Humanities; Slawomir Magala SPIRIT Chapter 5. Spirituality and Management Research and the Seven Ss; Jerry Biberman SPIRALS Chapter 6. Socio-Economic Triple-Spiral-Helix Response to Socially Irresponsible Capitalism; Yue Cai Hillon and David M. Boje SOCIOMATERIALITY Chapter 7. Sociomateriality: The Emergence of a New Fractal of Entangled Engagements; Anete M. Camille Strand and Tonya L. Henderson PART II: Explorers of the Future of Management and Organizational Inquiry STORYTELLING Chapter 8. Fighting Hate through Entrepreneurial Storytelling by Using Whitehead's Process Theory; Rohny Saylors Chapter 9. Organizational Storytelling of The Future: Ante- and Anti-Narrative in Quantum Age; Marita Svane SYSTEMS Chapter 10. Cybernetics and Systemicity; Hugo Letiche SUSTAINABILITY Chapter 11. The Future of Sustainability; Mark Hillon SCIENCE Chapter 12. Philosophy of Science, Social Theory and Organizational Analysis: Paradigmatic Transformations since the Postmodern Turn; John Hassard and Julie Wolfram Cox SPIRIT Chapter 13. Spirit as Breath; Rita Durant, Alexis Downs, and Marja Flory SPIRALS Chapter 14. The Future of the Spiral Paradigm' in Climate Action; David M. Boje SOCIOMATERIALITY Chapter 15. The TFW Virus: Ideology and Global Risks; Robert Gephart and Henry Savall
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