Critical Turn in Language and Intercultural Communication Pedagogy

Critical Turn in Language and Intercultural Communication Pedagogy

Theory, Research and Practice

Dasli, Maria; Diaz, Adriana Raquel

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Prologue Maria Dasli and Adriana Raquel Diaz Part 1: Theorising critically 1. Tracing the critical' trajectory of language and intercultural communication pedagogy Adriana Raquel Diaz and Maria Dasli 2. Interpretation and critical reflection in intercultural language learning: Consequences of a critical perspective for the teaching and learning of pragmatics Anthony Liddicoat 3. Language and intercultural communication pedagogy: a transnational turn? Karen Risager 4. Critical turns in language and intercultural communication pedagogy: The simple-complex continuum (simplexity) as a new perspective Fred Dervin Part 2: Researching critically 5. Research on intercultural communication: A Critical Realist perspective Karin Zotzmann 6. Navigating languages and interculturality in the research process: The ethics and positionality of the researcher and the researched Prue Holmes 7. A critical turn in knowledge construction in intercultural doctoral pedagogy and communication Catherine Manathunga 8. Criticality, intentionality, and intercultural action Richard Fay and Juup Stelma Part 3: Teaching critically 9. The intercultural foreign language teacher: Challenges and choices Chantal Crozet 10. Cosmopolitanism meets language education: Considering objectives and strategies for a new pedagogy Claire Kennedy, Adriana Raquel Diaz and Maria Dasli 11. Transforming pre-service language teachers' understanding of teaching critically Robyn Moloney and Susan Oguro 12. Literature for critical cultural awareness Leticia Yulita Epilogue Maria Dasli and Adriana Raquel Diaz
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