Complementary Roots of Growth and Development

Complementary Roots of Growth and Development

Comparative Analysis of the United States, South Korea, and Turkey

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List of Tables and Figures List of Abbreviations and Acronyms Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Systemic governance and the fragmentation of complementarities 2.1 Institutional complementarity: negative or positive? 2.2 Systemic governance of complementarities 2.3 Institutional fragmentation and drift 2.4 Institutional trap 2.5 Conclusion Chapter 3. Rise and fall of the market-led model: the United States Introduction 3.1 A complementarity theoretic account of American growth, 1948-17 3.2 Before the Great Depression of 1929 3.3 The US kind of systemic governance, 1948-72 3.4 Institutional fragmentation in the US model, 1973-2006 3.5 Industrial policy: the visible hand of the US model 3.6 The politics of growth: the President and the market 2.7 Conclusion: Institutional trap in the Great Recession period, 2007-17 Chapter 4. Rise and fall of the state-led model: South Korea Introduction 4.1 The systemic governance of the Korean kind, 1961-79 4.2 Primordial institutional fragmentation in the Korean model, 1980-96 4.3 Embedding of institutional fragmentation, 1997-2007 4.4 Institutional trap between developmentalism, deregulation, and Maturation, 2008-15 4.5 Floating industrial development 4.6 Fragmentation versus democratization 4.7 Inequality as a complement of nonsynchronous development 4.8 Conclusion Chapter 5. Neither by state nor by market: the Turkish case Introduction 5.1 The political roots of ideological Balkanization 5.2 Economic policy-making in successive reactions: developmentalism, neoliberalism and austerity 5.3 Corporate governance: concentrated ownership, market capitalization and foreign debt 5.4 Industrial and institutional performance in Turkey 5.5 The institutional fragmentation in Turkey's developmental experience 5.6 Explaining the institutional trap of G&D in Turkey 5.7 Conclusion References Index
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