Comic Event

Comic Event

Comedic Performance from the 1950s to the Present

Roof, Judith (Rice University, USA)

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc






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Prolegomenon: "a pert challenge flung at philosophic speculation" Bit I: "At First Mere Improvisation" Bit II: Reverberations: The Joke of the Joke Bit III: Repetition and the Exquisite Seriesness of Series Bit IV: "Play It Again, Sheldon" Nothing in Comedy Ever Only Happens Once Bit V: The Comic Uncanny; or The Character of Caricature Bit VI: Breaking Stacks and Cutting Layers: The Self-conscious Comedy of Comedy Bit VII: Doubling Down on the Mise en Abyme: The Comic Contexts of Comedy Bit VIII: Ourobouros-Epanalepsis: "a pert challenge flung at philosophic speculation" Bit IX: Ourobouroubouroubouros; Or When Parody Takes Itself On Bit X: The Long and Winding Road Epilogue: The Aristocratic Apparatus
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