Reflections on Natures and Kinds

Feldman, Martha

University of California Press






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An exploration of why innumerable boys were castrated for singing between the mid-sixteenth and late-nineteenth centuries. It shows that the entire foundation of Western classical singing, culminating in bel canto, was birthed from an unlikely and historically unique set of desires, public and private, aesthetic, economic, and political.
Preface Note on Textual Transcription, Translations, Lexicon, and Musical Nomenclature PART ONE. Reproduction 1. Of Strange Births and Comic Kin Appendix to Chapter 1 2. The Man Who Pretended to Be Who He Was PART TWO. Voice 3. Red Hot Voice 4. Castrato De Luxe PART THREE. Half-light 5. Cold Man, Money Man, Big Man Too 6. Shadow Voices, Castrato and Non Acknowledgments Abbreviations Notes Bibliography List of Illustrations Index
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