Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare 2 Volume Hardback Set

Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare 2 Volume Hardback Set

Smith, Bruce R.; Rowe, Katherine; Da Cunha Resende, Aimara; Murphy, Andrew; Hoenselaars, Ton; Kusunoki, Akiko

Cambridge University Press






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This work's focus is equally divided between Volume 1, which covers the time period of 1500-1660, and Volume 2, which covers 1660 to the present. It is transhistorical, international and interdisciplinary and will be of interest to students, theater professionals and Shakespeare scholars.
Volume 1. Shakespeare's World, 1500-1660: Part I. Mapping Shakespeare's World Peter Whitfield; Part II. Theater Andrew Gurr; Part III. Language David Crystal; Part IV. Science and Technology Pamela Long; Part V. Printing, Publishing, Textuality John Jowett; Part VI. Visual Arts Alexander Marr; Part VII. Popular Culture Mary Ellen Lamb; Part VIII. High Culture Malcolm Smuts; Part IX. England 1560-1650 James A. Sharpe; Part X. Religion Lori Anne Ferrell; Part XI. Medicine Mary Fissell; Part XII. The Historical William Shakespeare Peter Holland; Part XIII. Shakespeare's Fellows Stanley Wells; Part XIV. Shakespeare's Early Reception (to 1660) Charles Whitney. Volume 2. The World's Shakespeare, 1660-Present: Part XV. International Encounters Ton Hoenselaars; Part XVI. Making the Scene Bruce R. Smith; Part XVII. Shakespeare as a Cultural Icon Jyotsna Singh; Part XVIII. Shakespeare and Popular Culture Doug Lanier; Part XIX. Translation Dirk Delabastita; Part XX. Changing Technologies of Stage Performance Shoichiro Kawai; Part XXI. Audiences Lori Newcomb; Part XXII. Production History Joseph Roach; Part XXIII. Printing and Reception History Andrew Murphy; Part XXIV. Shakespeare and the Book Georgianna Ziegler; Part XXV. Shakespeare and the Critics Lars Engle; Part XXVI. Shakespeare and the Performing Arts Solange Ribeiro de Oliveira; Part XXVII. Shakespeare and the Visual Arts Stuart Sillars; Part XXVIII. Shakespeare and Media History Katherine Rowe.
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