Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare 2 Volume Hardback Set

Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare 2 Volume Hardback Set

Kusunoki, Akiko; Hoenselaars, Ton; Smith, Bruce R.; Rowe, Katherine; Da Cunha Resende, Aimara; Murphy, Andrew

Cambridge University Press



Multiple copy pack



15 a 20 dias

This transhistorical, international and interdisciplinary work will be of interest to students, theater professionals and Shakespeare scholars.
Volume 1. Shakespeare's World, 1500-1660: Part I. Mapping Shakespeare's World Peter Whitfield; Part II. Theater Andrew Gurr; Part III. Language David Crystal; Part IV. Science and Technology Pamela Long; Part V. Printing, Publishing, Textuality John Jowett; Part VI. Visual Arts Alexander Marr; Part VII. Popular Culture Mary Ellen Lamb; Part VIII. High Culture Malcolm Smuts; Part IX. England 1560-1650 James A. Sharpe; Part X. Religion Lori Anne Ferrell; Part XI. Medicine Mary Fissell; Part XII. The Historical William Shakespeare Peter Holland; Part XIII. Shakespeare's Fellows Stanley Wells; Part XIV. Shakespeare's Early Reception (to 1660) Charles Whitney. Volume 2. The World's Shakespeare, 1660-Present: Part XV. International Encounters Ton Hoenselaars; Part XVI. Making the Scene Bruce R. Smith; Part XVII. Shakespeare as a Cultural Icon Jyotsna Singh; Part XVIII. Shakespeare and Popular Culture Doug Lanier; Part XIX. Translation Dirk Delabastita; Part XX. Changing Technologies of Stage Performance Shoichiro Kawai; Part XXI. Audiences Lori Newcomb; Part XXII. Production History Joseph Roach; Part XXIII. Printing and Reception History Andrew Murphy; Part XXIV. Shakespeare and the Book Georgianna Ziegler; Part XXV. Shakespeare and the Critics Lars Engle; Part XXVI. Shakespeare and the Performing Arts Solange Ribeiro de Oliveira; Part XXVII. Shakespeare and the Visual Arts Stuart Sillars; Part XXVIII. Shakespeare and Media History Katherine Rowe.
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