Cambridge Companions to Religion

Cambridge Companions to Religion

Phillips, Elizabeth (University of Cambridge); Hovey, Craig (Ashland University, Ohio)

Cambridge University Press






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This accessible volume provides a concise overview of the development of contemporary Christian political theology and its key issues while making important critical and constructive contributions to the field. An invaluable resource for students and scholars in theology, it will also be beneficial to those in history, philosophy, and politics.
Part I. The Shape of Contemporary Political Theology: 1. European political theology Jurgen Moltmann; 2. Liberation theology Miguel de la Torre; 3. Public theology Hak Joon Lee; 4. Catholic social teaching Lisa Sowle Cahill; 5. Protestant social ethics D. Stephen Long; 6. Postliberalism and radical orthodoxy Daniel M. Bell, Jr; 7. Postcolonial theology Susan Abraham; Part II. Contemporary Questions in Political Theology: 8. Scripture Christopher Rowland; 9. Augustinianisms and Thomisms Eric Gregory and Joseph Clair; 10. Liberalism and democracy Craig Hovey; 11. Capitalism and global economics Philip Goodchild; 12. Political theology as threat William T. Cavanaugh; 13. Good rule Peter J. Leithart; 14. Eschatology and apocalyptic Elizabeth Phillips.
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