Cambridge Companion to Christian Political Theology

Cambridge Companion to Christian Political Theology

Hovey, Craig (Ashland University, Ohio); Phillips, Elizabeth (University of Cambridge)

Cambridge University Press






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This volume explores contemporary Christian political theology, discussing its traditional sources, its emergence as a discipline, and its key issues.
Part I. The Shape of Contemporary Political Theology: 1. European political theology Jurgen Moltmann; 2. Liberation theology Miguel de la Torre; 3. Public theology Hak Joon Lee; 4. Catholic social teaching Lisa Sowle Cahill; 5. Protestant social ethics D. Stephen Long; 6. Postliberalism and radical orthodoxy Daniel M. Bell, Jr; 7. Postcolonial theology Susan Abraham; Part II. Contemporary Questions in Political Theology: 8. Scripture Christopher Rowland; 9. Augustinianisms and Thomisms Eric Gregory and Joseph Clair; 10. Liberalism and democracy Craig Hovey; 11. Capitalism and global economics Philip Goodchild; 12. Political theology as threat William T. Cavanaugh; 13. Good rule Peter J. Leithart; 14. Eschatology and apocalyptic Elizabeth Phillips.
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