Architecture of a Deccan Sultanate

Architecture of a Deccan Sultanate

Courtly Practice and Royal Authority in Late Medieval India

Sohoni, Pushkar

I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd.






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Documents and analyses the architecture and material artefacts from the Nizam Shahs, one of the early modern Deccan sultanates.
CHAPTER 1 LOCATING FRAGMENTS: BRIEF HISTORY OF THE DECCAN The Deccan: a brief history Hindustan and the Deccan as diverse and unified landscapes Visual Culture of the Deccan Sultanates Continuities and ruptures: Purity and Hybridity of Architecture in the Deccan - CHAPTER 2 MULTIPLE PASTS: THE NIZAM SHAHS OF AHMADNAGAR The Nizam Shahs Architectural patronage under the Nizam Shahs Drawing boundaries: Historiography of the Nizam Shahs CHAPTER 3 CONSTRUCTING SOCIETY: SOCIETY AND ARCHITECTURAL KNOWLEDGE Methods to study architectural remains Guilds and movements of craftspeople recovered Sultanate architecture and regional variations Extra-regional Architectural Programs and Building Typologies Global Architecture and Local Construction Urgency to study, research and recover CHAPTER 4 LAYING THE LAND: PATTERNS OF URBAN SETTLEMENTS AND THEIR DIS-TRIBUTION Urban Design and Settlements Junnar Daulatabad Ahmadnagar Chaul Parenda Sindkhed Raja Urban Systems: Water Supply and civic buildings Military Design and Fortification CHAPTER 5 DESIGNS OF GRANDEUR: PALACES AND MANSIONS Palaces and Mansions Farah Bakhsh Bagh Hasht Bihisht Bagh Manzarsumbah Palace near Bhatavadi (Kalawantinicha Mahal) Architecture of Palaces for the Sultan CHAPTER 6 OTHER ARCHITECTURAL PROGRAMS Mosques Tombs Hammams, caravansarais and miscellaneous buildings CHAPTER 7 MATERIAL CULTURE BEYOND ARCHITECTURE AND SETTLEMENTS Visual space Ahmadnagar paintings Coins of the Nizam Shahs Texts Other contributions Cultural production and technological innovation CHAPTER 8 CONCLUSION: END OF AN OLD WORLD BIBLIOGRAPHY
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