Actor's Survival Guide

Actor's Survival Guide

How to Make Your Way in Hollywood

Robbins, Jon S. (Actor and blogger, USA)

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC






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1. Moving to Los Angeles - "Simple Is as Simple Does" Why a business plan'? What to do to prepare /What not to do What to bring/What not to bring Common mistakes 2. Living in Los Angeles The Neighborhoods Hollywood or the Beach? NoHo or Burbank? West Hollywood or Silverlake? Employment vs Entrepreneurship 3. Surviving in Los Angeles Developing a Business Plan for Success Employment Actor's survival jobs Housing Rentals and Roommates Cost Alternatives - Roommate Services Exchange for service Artist Communes What do you really need as a living space? Transportation Cars vs. buses...or a subway? 4. The Business of Acting The Buyers Studios vs Netflix - Internet streaming Internet Television International players Mobile downloading The Gaming Industry The Sellers What's the Product - You! The cost of illegal downloading 5. Marketing Tools Headshot - Theatrical vs. Commercial Photographers - How to prepare for the photo shoot. Resume What to include/What not to include Photo Cards Actor's Reel Personal Website/ Podcasts IMDb 6. Talent Agents and Personal Managers What is the difference Theatrical/Commercial SAG Franchised? 7. Unions Who are they? SAG AFTRA EQUITY AGVA How do I join a union? What will it do for me? 8. Film and Television Casting Breakdowns Submissions Hard Copy Photos Electronic Casting Drop-Off Services Auditions Casting Directors Film/Television/Commercial/Stage Wardrobe Clothing The Reading Sides cold read improvisation Slated/dry read The Callback The Booking 9. Contracts Contract Specifics Types of Contracts theatrical, television, commercials, interactive, new media and corporate/educational background Other Legal Agreements 10. Working (Union vs. Non) Film Experimental Student Waiver Television/Episodic Comedy Drama Reality Commercials Music Videos Industrial/Infomercial Stage Atmosphere (Background Extra) Ethical Concerns Safety Concerns 11. Bookkeeping What is IRS deductible? Mileage Postage Training Marketing materials Keep Receipts - Per Diem/Travel Continuing Education Acting classes Casting Workshops Showcasing Physical Training Improvisation
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