Textbook on Land Law

Textbook on Land Law


Oxford University Press






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Part I: Introduction 1: Estates in land 2: Interests in land Part II: The Freehold Estate 3: Buying a house 4: The contract 5: Unregistered land 6: Registered land 7: Acquisition of an estate by adverse possession Part III: Legal Estates 8: The freehold estate 9: The leasehold estate 10: Obligations of landlord and tenant 11: Enforcement of leasehold covenants 12: Remedies for breach of leasehold covenants Part IV: Trusts 13: Express and implied trusts 14: Trusts of land 15: Settled Land Act settlements 16: Perpetuities and accumulations 17: Co-ownership 18: Resulting and constructive trusts 19: Proprietary estoppel Part V: Licences and Rights to the Family Home 20: Licences and their enforcement 21: Special rights in relation to the family home Part VI: Rights in Land 22: Mortgages and charges 23: Priorities in relation to mortgages and charges 24: Easements and profits a prendre 25: Freehold covenants Part VII: In Conclusion 26: What is land?
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