Techne Theory

Techne Theory

A New Language for Art

Staten, Henry (University of Washington, USA)

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC






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Acknowledgements Part One: Fundamentals Chapter 1: Introduction: The Techne Standpoint Chapter 2: Art and Evolution Chapter 3: The Artist's Touch Part Two: Origins in Greek Philosophy Chapter 4: How Plato (Despite Himself) Invented Techne Theory Chapter 5: From Aristotle to Extended Mind Part Three: Where Do Poems Come From? Chapter 6: A Romantic View: Seamus Heaney Chapter 7: Excursus on the Nature of Language Chapter 8: An Anti-Romantic View: Paul Valery Part Four: Studies in Modernist Techne Chapter 9: T. J. Clark's Picasso Chapter 10: What's Radical About Radical Painting? Chapter 11: The Techne of Kafka's Metamorphosis Part Five: Techne Metatheory Chapter 12: Universal Design Space and the Lines of Force Bibliography Index
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