Teaching Human Resource Management

Teaching Human Resource Management

An Experiential Approach

de Janasz, Suzanne C.; Crossman, Joanna

Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd






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This book breathes life into the teaching of Human Resource Management (HRM) by creating learning that applies the theoretical aspects of the discipline to meaningful contexts.
Contents: 1. What Is HR/Why Is HR Important/Strategic HRM 2. Ethics/Corporate Social Responsibility 3. Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action /Diversity 4. Job Analysis and Design 5. Recruitment, Selection and Staffing 6. Talent Development/Management, Training and Development 7. Performance Appraisal/Management, Giving Feedback 8. Compensation and Benefits 9. Networking, Careers/Mentoring, Work-Family Conflict and Integration 10. Labor Relations/Employee Relations/Negotiation 11. Disciplinary Issues/Organizational Conflict 12. Safety 13. Organizational Development and Change 14. Global HR Practices/Expatriation/Repatriation 15. Integrated or Multi-Concept HR Activities Index
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