Teaching Human Resource Management

Teaching Human Resource Management

An Experiential Approach

Crossman, Joanna; de Janasz, Suzanne C.

Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd






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This book breathes life into the teaching of Human Resource Management (HRM) by creating learning that applies the theoretical aspects of the discipline to meaningful contexts.
Contents: Introduction 1. What Is HR/Why Is HR Important/Strategic HRM 2. Ethics/Corporate Social Responsibility 3. Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action /Diversity 4. Job Analysis and Design 5. Recruitment, Selection and Staffing 6. Talent Development/Management, Training and Development 7. Performance Appraisal/Management and Giving Feedback 8. Compensation and Benefits 9. Networking, Career Mentoring and Establishing a Balance of Work and Family Life 10. Labor Relations, Employee Relations and Negotiation 11. Disciplinary Issues and Organizational Conflict 12. Safety 13. Organizational Development and Change 14. Global HR Practices, Expatriation and Repatriation 15. Integrated or Multi-Concept HR Activities Index
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