Tanzania's Informal Economy

Tanzania's Informal Economy

The Micro-politics of Street Vending

Malefakis, Alexis

Zed Books Ltd






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An in-depth study of street trading in Dar es Salaam, revealing the hidden dimensions of the city's thriving informal economy.
Introduction 1. Street Vending in Dar es Salaam 2. Urban Perspectives on Rural Pasts: A Narrative of being Wayao' in Dar es Salaam 3. The Micro-politics of Sociality among Wayao Street Vendors 4. Too Familiar to Trust: A Paradox of Social Proximity 5. The Creative Potential of Shoe Vending: Practices and Emerging Sociality 6. Carrying Knowledge through the Streets: Old Shoes as Meaningful Objects 7. Sharing is Daring: Cooperation at the Kijiweni 8. Creating a Market where there is none: The Spatial Practices of Street Vending Conclusion: Stuck in an Extended Present
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