Tackling Social Exclusion in Europe

Tackling Social Exclusion in Europe

The Contribution of the Social Economy

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Contents: Introduction: Introduction to an international evaluation, Jacques Defourny, Louis Favreau and Jean-Louis Laville. Work Integration and the New Social Economy in Ten Industrialized Countries: Austria: recent employment initiatives within a strong tradition of public action, Peter Ulrich Lehner; Belgium: voluntary organizations and integration through work in Francophone Belgium, Jaques Defourny, Marthe Nyssens and Michel Simon; Canada: social mobilization, insertion and local development in Canada (Quebec), Louis Favreau; Finland: voluntary organizations and co-operatives for socio-economic reintegration in Finland, Pekka Pattiniemi, Harri Kostilainen and Marianne Nylund; France: voluntary sector initiatives for work integration, Daniele Demoustier; Germany: work integration through employment and training companies in Berlin and its surrounding region, Karl Birkholzer and Gunther Lorenz; Italy: the impressive development of social co-operatives in Italy, Carlo Borzaga; Spain: a new social economy still inadequately known and recognized, Isabel Vidal; Sweden: co-operative development agencies as a means of bridging recent failures of the system, Yohanan Stryjan and Filip Wijkstrom; United Kingdom: labour market integration and employment creation, Roger Spear. Theoretical Issues: The specific role of non-profit organizations in the integration of disadvantaged people: insights from an economic analysis, Carlo Borzaga, Benedetto Gui and Fabrizio Povinelli; Third sector and social economy re-examined in the light of initiatives promoting insertion, Jean-Louis Laville; Legitimate orders of social participation and the logic of social change, Bernard Eme. Conclusion: New directions in a pluralist economy, Jacques Defourny, Louis Favreau and Jean-Louis Laville; Index.
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