T&T Clark Handbook of Political Theology

T&T Clark Handbook of Political Theology

Rodriguez, Ruben Rosario (Saint Louis University USA)

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC






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Notes on Contributors Preface Part I. Where was God? Jewish and Christian Theology in the Shadow of Auschwitz 1. From Holocaust Theology to a Jewish Theology of Liberation: On the Theo-Politics of Jewish Empowerment - Marc H. Ellis, Baylor University, USA 2. Christian Responses to the Holocaust: Political Theology in Europe - Vincent Lloyd, Villanova University, USA 3. Political Theology and the Theologies of Liberation - Ruben Rosario Rodriguez, Saint Louis University, USA Part II. Scriptures and Traditions: Critical Retrieval of Historical Sources 4. The Cup Does Not Run Over: Political Theology in the Hebrew Bible- Serge Frolov, Southern Methodist University, USA 5. Political Theology and the New Testament - Neil Elliott, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities and Metropolitan State University in Minneapolis, USA 6. Qur'anic Political Theology: God's Law, Jews and the Politics of Friendship - Joshua A. Sabih, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 7. Augustine's Impact on Political Theory - Michael Lamb, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford, UK 8. Thomas Becket: A Case Study in Medieval Church-State Relations - Michael Staunton 9. The Political Praxis of Bartolome de Las Casas - Luis N. Rivera-Pagan, Princeton Theological Seminary, USA 10. The Political and Legal Legacy of the Sixteenth-Century Reformations - John Witte, Jr. Emory University, USA Part III. An Appraisal of Contemporary Political Theologies 11. Theology After the Death of God - Brian D. Robinette, Boston College, USA 12. Karl Barth and the Barmen Declaration - Amy Marga, Luther Seminary, USA 13. Bonhoeffer in Latin American Liberationist Christianity and Theology - Raimundo C. Barreto, Jr. Princeton Theological Seminary, USA 14. Jurgen Moltmann and the New Political Theology - Scott Paeth, DePaul University, USA 15. Social Ethics, Reinhold Niebuhr, and Political Theology - Gary Dorrien, Columbia University, USA 16. Gustavo Gutierrez and Latin American Liberation Theology - Michael E. Lee, Fordham University, USA 17. James H. Cone and Black Liberation Theology - Eboni Marshall Turman, Duke Divinity School, USA 18. Latina Feminist and Mujerista Theologies as Political Theologies? - Neomi De Anda, University of Dayton, USA 19. Feminist Theologies - Rachel Sophia Baard, Villanova University, USA 20. The Exodus and Some Possibilities of Jewish Political Thought - Geoffrey D. Claussen, Elon University, USA, and Emily A. Filler, Earlham College, USA 21. The Political Theology of Catholic Social Teaching - M.T. Davila, Andover Theological School, USA 22. Orthodox Christianity and Political Theology: Thinking Beyond Empire - Nathaniel Wood, Fordham University, USA and Aristotle Papanikolaou, Fordham University, USA Part IV. Constructive Horizons in Political Theology 23. The Politics of the Espiritu: Ethic as Recognition-Assemblage-Decolonial Healing - Oscar Garcia-Johnson, Fuller Theological Seminary, USA 24. Christian Humanism, redivivus - Luke Bretherton, Duke Divinity School, USS 25. The Obstinate Legacy of Race and Colonialism - Uzma Jamil, McGill University, Canada 26. The Third City: Radical Orthodoxy's (Emphatically) Complex Political Theology - Nicholas Krause, Christ Church Waco, USA and Jonathan Tran, Baylor University, USA 27. Liberating Barth? From a Theological Critique of Idolatry To a Political Critique of Ideology - Derek Alan Woodard-Lehman, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, USA 28. New Directions in Protestant Social Ethics - Emily Dumler-Winckler, Saint Louis University, USA 29. Lex Natura: A New Way Into a Liturgical Political Theology - Claudio Carvalhaes, McCormick Theological Seminary, USA 30. Slavoj Zizek: Christianity, the Death of God, and Enjoying Hopelessness - Silas Morgan, United Theological Seminary, USA 31. State(s) of Exception: The United States, the State of Israel, and the Legacy of Chosenness - Robert O. Smith, University of Notre Dame, USA 32. Praying to the O/other-Rethinking Ecclesiology in the Context of Increasing Islamophobia - Gyrid Kristine Gunnes, Southern Methodist University, USA 33. Social Trinitarianism through Iconic Participation - Jessica Wai-Fong Wong, Azusa Pacific University, USA Part V. The Future of Political Theologies 34. Toward an Islamic Theology of World Religions: From Polemics to a Critical Theology of Self and Other - Vincent Cornell, Emory University, USA 35. Political Theologies in a Post-Christian World - Hille Haker, Loyola University Chicago, USA 36. Everybody Hates the Prophet: Failure and the Good Society in Jewish Political Theology - Laurie Zoloth, Northwestern University, USA Index
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