Sustainable Value Chain Management

Sustainable Value Chain Management

Delivering Sustainability Through the Core Business

D'Heur, Michael

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book introduces the integrated management concept of "Sustainable Value Creation", which delivers sustainability inside-out' from the core business. What are the practical examples of sustainable value chains in leading companies that can inspire others to follow?
shared.value.chain: Profitable growth through sustainable value creation.- BEIERSDORF: Generating joint added value through collaboration, planning and evaluation.- FAIRPHONE: Sustainability from the inside-out and outside-in.- SAP AG & StarShea Limited (Ghana): sustainable value creation through collaboration with companies, NGOs and intermediaries.- NANOGATE: Sustainable value creation in technology companies.- AUDI: Raw Materials, Road, Recycling - How Life Cycle Analysis Influences Product Development.- SYMRISE and Vanilla: Tradition, Strategy and Total Commitment.- SIEMENS: Managing sustainability along the entire value chain to benefit our customers.- Embedding ESG Criteria into the Banking Industry Value Chain.- HENKEL: Sustainability in the value chain - from philosophy to practice.- VAUDE: Sustainable value creation as a mission statement for small and medium-sized companies.- INTERNATIONAL PAPER: Creating Value through Sustainably Managed Natural Resources.- INDEPENDENT CAPITAL MANAGEMENT: Sustainable Value Creation as an Investment Criterion.- NESTLE: Sustainable Value Chain Management from the farm to the fork.- THIN AIR FACTORY: The Value Chain Unchained.- BASF: Measurability of shared value creation in agriculture.- KLENK & HOURSCH: Telling the Backstory - Transparency in Global Value Chains.- INFINEON: Integrated enterprise architecture to support sustainability.- German Council for Sustainable Development: The German Sustainability Code.
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