Sustainable Operations Management

Sustainable Operations Management

Advances in Strategy and Methodology

Chiarini, Andrea

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book presents innovative research on various aspects of sustainability in the field of operations management and illustrates the potential of sustainability thinking and practice to improve operations performance and thereby meet customer needs.
Marketing strategy, strategic planning and corporate social responsibility: an exploratory research.- Sustainable knowledge management and the outsourcing of core competences-Does that fit together? Initial insights from a literature review.- The role of culture in a sustainable built environment.- The management of environmental performance in the supply chain: an overview.- The measurement of environmental performance in hospitals: a systematic review of literature.- How does innovativeness foster sustainable supply chain management?.- Sustainable manufacturing: the lean and green business model.- Sustainability through eco-design: shedding light on the adoption of the ISO 14006 standard.- Early adoption of ISO 50001 standard: an empirical study.- Sustainability in Iran's road transport sector: evaluating strategies and policies.
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