Survival Media

Survival Media

The Politics and Poetics of Mobility and the War in Sri Lanka

Perera, S.

Palgrave Macmillan






15 a 20 dias

Through the narratives and movements of survivors of the war in Lanka these interconnected essays develop the concept of 'survival media' as embodied and expressive forms of mobility across borders.
AbbreviationsSeries Editor's ForewordIn Lieu of...Preface: The Location of the AftermathIntroduction: Lethal Imaginaries of Nationalism: A Brief History in Checkpoints 1. Lines of Flight: Survival Media2. Missing In Action: By All Media Necessary3. White Shores of Longing: Castaway Stories and Nation Dramas 4. Accounting For Disposable Lives: Visibility, Atrocity and International Justice 5. Territory of Ashes: A Disjointed UnfoldingConclusion: 'From what has happened to what will come'AfterwordBibliography