Stuff Brits Like

Stuff Brits Like

A Guide to What's Great about Great Britain

McAlpine, Fraser

Hodder & Stoughton General Division






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As the lead writer for BBC Anglophenia, Fraser McAlpine (a man assembled from almost every region of the UK*) spends his life explaining Brits to foreigners. Now he lifts the lid on our Marmite pot of nations and takes you on a journey from the Isle of Wight to Inverness, Belfast to Bangor, exploring the joyful enthusiasms (and pet hates) of an endlessly multifarious Britain.
Introduction; Pedantry; Talking about the Weather; Keep Calm and Carry On; British History; Offal; Apologizing Needlessly; Pubs, Inns, Bars, and Taverns; The Shipping Forecast; Saucy Seaside Postcards; Speaking English When Abroad; Sarcasm; Libraries; Puns; The Bumps; Portable Food; Football; Cross-Dressing; Movie #1: The Great Escape; Cocking a Snook; Dancing; The NHS; Dunking Biscuits; Doctor Who; Arguing over What to Call Meals; Tea; Comedy; Village Halls and the W.I.; The Archers; Emotional Reserve and Decorum; Marmite; Talking about Class; Taking Dogs into Pubs; Sheds; Cricket; The Underdog; Cheering the Bad Guy; Desserts with Unappetizing Names; Movie #2: The Railway Children; Innuendo; Animals; The British Christmas; James Bond and Sherlock Holmes; Anyone Who Gets a Round In; Bell Ringing; The Royal Family; Phone Boxes; Reality TV; Drawing Willies on Things; Accents; Great British Guitar Bands; The BBC; Avoiding Confrontation; Wimbledon; Grade-B Swearwords; The Charts; Coronation Street; Movie #3: Trainspotting; The Great British Fry-Up; Children's TV; America; Desert Island Discs; Creating New Worlds; Melancholy; The Tabloids; Cars and Top Gear; Chocolate That Tastes of Chocolate; Stonehenge; Embarrassing Foreigners; Metal; Boot Fairs and Charity Shops; Rugby; Curry; Moaning about Bureaucracy; Pub Quizzes; Movie #4: Kes; Mythical Beasts; The Theatre; Banter; Ampersand Foods; Conkers; Eastenders; Regional Nicknames; Kebabs after the Pub; Downton Abbey and Sunday Night Nostalgia TV; Weird Traditions; Real Ale; Putting Union Jacks on Things; Stags, Hens, and Having a Do; Movie #5: Four Weddings and a Funeral; Feminism; Queuing; Curious Pop; Tribute Bands; The Boat Race; Crisps and Other Deep-Fried Foods; The Cheese Map of Britain; National Treasures; Bonfire Night; Quirks, Foibles, and Eccentricities; Nightcaps; Camping; Scolds; Slang and Making Up Words
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