Strategic Marketing Planning

Strategic Marketing Planning

Hines, Dr. Tony; Gilligan, Colin; Wilson, Richard M. S.

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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1. Introduction 2. Strategic Marketing and the Marketing Plan Stage One: Where Are We Now? Strategic and Marketing Analysis 3. Marketing Auditing and the Analysis of Capability 4. Segmental, Productivity and Ratio Analysis 5. Market and Environmental Analysis 6. Approaches to Customer Analysis 7. Approaches to Competitor Analysis Stage Two: Where do we Want to Be? Strategic Direction and Strategy Forumation 8. Missions and Objectives 9. Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 10. The Formulation of Strategy 1. Analysing the Product Portfolio 11. The Formulation of Strategy 2: Generic Strategies and the Significance of Competitive Advantage 12. The Formulation of Strategy 3: Strategies for Leaders, Followers, Challengers and Nichers
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