Spatio-temporal Intertwining

Spatio-temporal Intertwining

Husserl's Transcendental Aesthetic

Summa, Michela

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This volume explores Husserl's theory of sensibility and his conceptualization of spatial and temporal constitution. The study interrogates Husserl's understanding of the relationship between spatiality and temporality in terms of stratifications, analogies and parallelisms.
Part 1 Introduction.- Chapter 1 Introduction.- Part 2 Husserl's transcendental aesthetic.- Chapter 2 The phenomenological aesthetic.- Chapter 3 The transcendental aesthetic: Husserl and Kant.- Part 3 Parallelisms, stratifications, and beyond.- Chapter 4 Intuitiveness, constitution, and idealization: modes of spatial and temporal experience.- Chapter 5 The thing of the transcendental aesthetic: Spatial and temporal constitution.- Part 4 Spatio-temporal intertwining. The dynamics of experience.- Chapter 6 Individuation, irreversibility, and the spatio-temporal intertwining.- Chapter 7 Perspectival givenness.- Chapter 8 The transcendental aesthetic and the lived-body.- Part 5 Conclusions.- Chapter 9 Conclusions.- Index.
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