Socially-critical Environmental Education in Primary Classrooms

Socially-critical Environmental Education in Primary Classrooms

The Dance of Structure and Agency

Edwards, Jane

Springer International Publishing AG






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As well as addressing the pressing need for effective education in sustainable development, this study demonstrates the practical utility of Anthony Giddens' theory of structuration as a framework for insightful and applicable educational research.
Chapter 1: The rhetoric-reality gap.- Chapter 2: Facing the future.- Chapter 3: Getting to know Giddens: Structuration as as ontological framework.- Chapter 4: Putting Giddens into practice.- Chapter 5: The state of play.- Chapter 6: The rhetoric and the reailty.- Chapter 7:The dance of the 'duality of structure ad agency'.- Chapter 8: Ideology and ontological security.- Chapter 9: The dance of structure and agendy-socially-critical environmental education in primary classrooms.
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