Skateboarding and the City

Skateboarding and the City

A Complete History

Borden, Iain (University College London, UK)

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC






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Illustrations Acknowledgments 1. Introduction SECTION ONE Skateboard Scenes 2. Skateboards Scooters and Surfing Old School New School 3. Living by the Board Freaks and Geeks Everything in Between Home Turf and Foreign Lands Beer and Barneys Positive and Loving Middle Age Shred All Girl Skate Jam Polycultural Practices 4. Affiliate Worlds Being Professional Companies and Brands Organizations and Control Boom Boom HuckJam 5. Media Worlds Truth and Screw the Consequences Wide-Angled Viewing Skateboarding at the Movies Video Worlds Social Media SECTION TWO Skateboarding 6. Found Space Asphalt and Concrete Waves Forevers Into the Deep End Blue Tile Obsession 7. Skatopia Concrete Utopia Mutant Wood 8. Skatepark Renaissance A New Dawn Plazas and Paths Terrain Vague DIY Skatepark Worlds 9. Super-Architectural Space Body Space Ask the Coping Flow Projecting 10. Skate and Destroy The City is the Hardware Zero Degree Architecture Urban Rhythms Writing the City Decentred Objects Speaking the City 11. Movement Without Words Critical Citizens Beyond the Shiny Product Gifts of Freedom Ban This Skateboarding is Not a Crime SECTION THREE Skate and Create 12. Artistry Graphic Design Art Skateable Sculpture Creativity 13. Do It For Others Public Space Moving History Healthy Living Building Business Building Lives 14. Skateboarding - a Magnificent Life? References Bibliography Index
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