Shadows of the Soul

Shadows of the Soul

Philosophical Perspectives on Negative Emotions

Teroni, Fabrice; Tappolet, Christine; Konzelmann Ziv, Anita

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Table of Contents Notes on Contributors Introduction 1. Emotionally Charged: The Puzzle of Affective Valence Fabrice Teroni 2. Nasty Emotions and the Perception of Values Christine Tappolet 3. Imaginative Resistance: Negative Emotions, Values and Fiction Anne Reboul 4. Who is Afraid of Contrary Emotions? Clotilde Calabi and Marco Santambrogio 5. Bitter Joys and Sweet Sorrows Olivier Massin 6. The Emotion of Being Moved Julien A. Deonna 7. The Uncanny and Other Negative Existential Feelings Jerome Dokic 8. Disgustingly handsome: Nausea in the Face of Physical Beauty Anita Konzelmann Ziv 9. Stench and Olfactory Disgust Vivian Mizrahi 10. Anxiety: A Case Study on the Value of Negative Emotion Charlie Kurth 11. Grief Carolyn Price 12. The Moral Shadows of Shame and Contempt Raffaele Rodogno 13. Negative Emotions and Racism Luc Faucher 14. How to Think Yourself Out of Jealousy Ronald de Sousa
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