Self-Initiated Expatriation

Self-Initiated Expatriation

Individual, Organizational, and National Perspectives

Walther, Matthias; Al Ariss, Akram; Andresen, Maike

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Part I: Understanding the Concept 1. Introduction: Self-Initiated Expatriation: Individual, Organizational, and National Perspectives Maike Andresen, Akram Al Ariss, Matthias Walther 2. What Distinguishes Self-Initiated Expatriates from Assigned Expatriates and Migrants? A Literature-Based Definition and Differentiation of Terms Maike Andresen, Franziska Bergdolt, Jil Margenfeld 3. Research on Self-Initiated Expatriation: History and Future Directions Michael Dorsch, Vesa Suutari, Chris Brewster Part II: Understanding the Processes of Self-Initiated Expatriation 4. Motivation of Self-Initiated Expatriates Jean-Luc Cerdin 5. Self-Initiated Expatriation and Talent Flow Kaye Thorn, Kerr Inkson 6. Differences in Self-Initiated- and Organizational Expatriates' Cross-Cultural Adjustment Vesa Peltokorpi, Fabian J. Froese 7. Career Concepts of Self-Initiated and Assigned Expatriates: A Theoretical Analysis Based on Coupling and Configuration Maike Andresen, Torsten Biemann 8. Self-Initiated Expatriation: Drivers, Employment Experience and Career Outcomes Noeleen Doherty, Michael Dickmann 9. Tax and Salary Issues in Self-Initiated Expatriation Thomas Egner 10. Self-Initiated Repatriation at the Interplay between Field, Capital, and Habitus: An Analysis Based on Bourdieu's Theory of Practice Maike Andresen, Matthias Walther Part III: Understanding the Groups Undertaking Self-Initiated Foreign Experiences 11. Volunteering Abroad - A Career-Related Analysis of International Development Aid Workers Maike Andresen, Tanja Gustschin 12. Self-Initiated Expatriation in Academia: A Bounded and Boundaryless Career? Julia Richardson 13. Self-Initiated Career Characteristics of Danish Expatriated Engineers Torben Andersen, Erling Rasmussen 14. Ethnic Minority Migrants or Self-Initiated Expatriates? Questioning Assumptions in International Management Studies Akram Al Ariss List of Contributors Index
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