Self-Employment as Precarious Work

Self-Employment as Precarious Work

A European Perspective

Conen, Wieteke; Schippers, Joop

Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd






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Since the 1970s the long term decline in self-employment has slowed - and even reversed in some countries - and the prospect of being your own boss' is increasingly topical in the discourse of both the general public and within academia.
Contents: Preface 1. Self-Employment: Between Freedom and Insecurity Wieteke Conen and Joop Schippers PART I Do we have to worry about the new self-employed'? Theory and Context 2. Labour Market Flexibility, Self-Employment and Precariousness Joop Schippers 3. Social Protection for the Self-Employed: an EU Legal Perspective Hanneke Bennaars 4. Self-Employment, Pensions and the Risk of Poverty in Old Age Uwe Fachinger PART II Self-Employment and Precarious Work in Europe: Empirical Results 5. Self-Employment: Independent Enterprise', or Precarious Low-skilled Work? The case of the UK Nigel Meager 6. Micro-Entrepreneurship and Changing Contours of Work: Towards Precarious Work Relations? Empirical Findings from Austria Dieter Boegenhold, Andrea Klinglmair, Zulaicha Parastuty and Florian Kandutsch 7. Precariousness and Social Risks among Solo Self-Employed in Germany and The Netherlands Wieteke Conen and Maarten Debets 8. Between Precariousness and Freedom: the Ambivalent Condition of Independent Professionals in Italy Paolo Borghi and Annalisa Murgia 9. Bogus Self-Employment in Sweden Dominique Anxo and Thomas Ericson 10. Precariousness among Older Self-Employed Workers in Europe Wieteke Conen 11. Migrant Self-Employment in Germany: On the Risks, Characteristics and Determinants of Precarious Work Stefan Berwing, Andrew Isaak and Rene Leicht PART III Implications and Future Research Agenda 12. The Matter of Representation: Precarious Self-Employment and Interest Organisations Giedo Jansen and Roderick Sluiter 13. The New' Self-Employed and Hybrid Forms of Employment: Challenges for Social Policies in Europe Karin Schulze Buschoff 14. Between Freedom and Insecurity: Future Challenges Joop Schippers and Wieteke Conen Index
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