Scanning the Hypnoglyph

Scanning the Hypnoglyph

Sleep in Modernist and Postmodern Representation

Wallace, Nathaniel







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Scanning the Hypnoglyph by Nathaniel Wallace is concerned with the representation of sleep, with emphasis on postmodern verbal art and literature. Theories of subjectivity, narrative, and gender are considered, along with key works relevant for delineating a contemporary genre.
List of Illustrations Preface Acknowledgments I. Introduction: From Hypnos to the Hypnoglyph Formatting the Hypnoglyph Sleep and Narrative Resistance Sleep and Cognitive Study The Dream, Textual Servant Fighting Sleep: Persons & Baxter: The Case of the Christian Directory Descartes's cogito & Pascal Baudelairean Backgrounds Sleep amid Mid-Nineteenth Century Migrations of Religious Discourse II. A Life in the Day of a Hypnoglyph: Vertical Slumber and Other Typicalities Elizabeth Bishop's "Sleeping Standing Up" Robert Lowell's "Man and Wife" Vincent Desiderio, The Sleeping Family, The Interpretation of Color III. The Size of Sleep, Sizing the Self Thomas Mann's "Sleep, Sweet Sleep" ("Susser Schlaf") Richard Wilbur's "Walking to Sleep" Anselm Kiefer's The Rose Gives Honey to the Bees (Dat Rosa Mel Apibus) Fran Gardner's No Need for Wings and Orienting the Self David Yaghjian's Sleep IV. Latter Day Ariadnes: From Hypnoglyph to Somnoscript Marguerite Duras's The Malady of Death (La maladie de la mort) Anselm Kiefer's Brunnhilde Sleeps (Brunnhilde Schlaft) Yasunari Kawabata's "House of the Sleeping Beauties" V. Alternate Endymions / Other Ariadnes Gustave Courbet's Sleep (The Two Friends) The Plurisexual Marcel Proust The Queer Schlaraffenland of Paul Cadmus Signorelli's Afterlife from Sigmund Freud to Jacques Lacan Andy Warhol's Sleep Marguerite Duras's Blue Eyes Black Hair (Les yeux bleus cheveux noirs) Mark Tansey's Utopic Vincent Desiderio's Couple VI Conclusion: The Hypnoglyph and the Missing Closure of the Postmodern Works Cited Index
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