Learning Salesforce Lightning Application Development

Learning Salesforce Lightning Application Development

Build and test Lightning Components for Salesforce Lightning Experience using Salesforce DX

Shrivastava, Mohith

Packt Publishing Limited






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Built on the Salesforce App Cloud, the new Salesforce Lightning Experience combines three major components: Lightning Design System, Lightning App Builder, and Lightning Components, to provide an enhanced user experience. This book will enable you to quickly create modern, enterprise apps with Lightning.
Table of Contents Getting started with Lightning Component Framework Exploring Salesforce DX Working with Lightning Component Building Blocks Lightning JavaScript API Understanding Events In Lightning Component Framework Lightning Data Services and Base Components Using External JavaScript Libraries Inside Lightning Components Performance Tuning Your Lightning Component Debugging Lightning Components Taking Lightning Components Outside Salesforce Using Lightning Out Lightning Flows Making Components Available For Salesforce Mobile and Communities Lightning Navigation and Lightning Console APIs Unit Testing Components Using Lightning Testing Service Publishing Lightning Components On AppExchange
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