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International African Library

Thurston, Alexander (Georgetown University, Washington DC)

Cambridge University Press






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Alexander Thurston examines how Salafism, a globally influential Muslim movement, is reshaping religious authority in Nigeria, Africa's most populous country. Appealing to scholars of religion and politics, it provides a model for understanding how many new religious movements, including Salafism, place texts at the centre of their preaching and activism.
Acknowledgements; Introduction: defining Salafism, analysing canons; Part I. Salafism and its Transmission: 1. The canon and canonizers; 2. Africans and Saudi Arabia; 3. Nigerians in Medina; Part II. The Canon in Action: 4. Teaching the canon; 5. The canon in religious debates and electronic media; 6. The canon in politics; Part III. Boko Haram and the Canon: 7. Boko Haram from Salafism to jihadism; 8. Reclaiming the canon; Appendix 1: the Sermon of Necessity; Glossary of persons; Glossary of Arabic terms; Bibliography.
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