Routledge Handbook of Central Asian Politics

Routledge Handbook of Central Asian Politics


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Introduction Part 1: Security and Stability 1. The Politicization of Islam 2. The Status of Minority Populations and Interethnic Conflict 3. Border Issues Between Central Asian States 4. Water Resources and Stability .e.g Military Power and Capacity Part 2: Development of Political Institutions and National Integration 5. Development of Institutions/Civil Society 6. Democratization of Political System 7. Construction of National Identity 8. Corruption, Patronage and Clan Politics 9. Role and Development of Media 10. Educational Reform Part 3: Issues in Political Economy 11. Economic Development and Political Issues 12. The Drug Trade 13. Human Trafficking and the Status of Women 14. Internal and External Migration 15. Environmental Degradation 16. Infrastructure and Communications Part 4: International Relations 17. Geopolitics and International Organizations 18. Relations with Russia 19. Relations with U.S. 20. Relations with South Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India) 21. Relations with China 22. Relations with the EU 23. Geopolitics of Oil and Energy
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