Revival: Environmental Particles (1993)

Revival: Environmental Particles (1993)

Volume 2

Buffle, Jacques (Dep. Analytical Chemistry, Switzerland); van Leeuwen, Herman P.

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Surface Spectroscopy of Environmental Particles by Fourier-Transform Infrared and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, C.T. Johnston, G. Sposito, and W.L. Earl Characterization of Biological and Environmental Particles Using Static and Dynamic Light Scattering, P. Schurtenberger and M.E. Newman Structure, Formation, and Reactivity of Hydrous Oxide Particles; Insights from X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy, L. Charlet and A. Manceau Use of Field-Flow Fractionation Techniques to Characterize Aquatic Particles, Colloids, and Macromolecules, R. Beckett and B.T. Hart Environmental Aerosol Characterization by Single Particle Analysis Techniques, C. Xhoffer and R. van Grieken Sampling and Characterization of Colloids and Particles in Ground Water for Studying Their Role in Contaminant Transport, J.F. McCarthy and C. Degueldre Manganese Particles in Freshwater, R.R. De Vitre and W. Davison Physicochemical Aggregation and Deposition in Aquatic Environments, C.R. O'Melia and C.L. Tiller Modeling Coagulation of Algae in Marine Ecosystems, G.A. Jackson and S. Lochmann Index.
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