Rethinking International Skilled Migration

Rethinking International Skilled Migration


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List of Figures List of Tables List of Contributors Acknowledgments 1 Introduction: Rethinking International Skilled Migration: A Placed-based and Spatial Perspective MICHELINE VAN RIEMSDIJK AND QINGFANG WANG PART I International Student Migration 2 Producing International Student Migration: An Exploration of the Role of Marketization in Shaping International Study Opportunities ALLAN FINDLAY, RUSSELL KING, AND ALEXANDRA STAM 3 Complex Decisions: Factors Determining International Students' Migrations HEIKE ALBERTS 4 European Mobile Students, (Trans)National Social Networks, and (Inter)National Career Perspectives CHRISTOF VAN MOL 5 Mental Health and the Student-migrant Experience: Sources of Stress for Norwegian Quota Scheme Students SCOTT BASFORD 6 Chinese Student Migrants in Transition: A Pathway from International Students to Skilled Migrants WAN YU 7 Internationalization, Localization, and the Eduscape of Higher Education in the Global South: The Case of South Africa ASHLEY GUNTER AND PARVATI RAGHURAM PART II Transforming Cities, Transforming Lives 8 "London is a Much More Interesting Place than Paris": Place-comparison and the Moral Geographies of Highly Skilled Migrants JON MULHOLLAND AND LOUISE RYAN 9 High-skilled Migrants, Place Ties, and Urban Policymaking: Putting Housing on the Agenda JOERG PLOEGER 10 Homogenizing the City: Place Marketing to Attract Skilled Migrants to Stavanger and Kongsberg MICHELINE VAN RIEMSDIJK 11 Expatriate Mobility, Firm Recruitment, and Local Context: Skilled International Migration to the Rapidly Globalizing City of Dubai MICHAEL C. EWERS AND RYAN DICCE PART III Transnational Lives and Return Migration 12 Exodus, Circulation, and Return: Movements of High-skilled Migrants from India in a Transnational Era ELIZABETH CHACKO 13 Immigration Policy Change and the Transnational Shaping of Place MARGARET WALTON-ROBERTS 14 Experiences of Returned Chinese Migrants in Higher Education Examined through a Case Study QINGFANG WANG, LI TANG, AND HUIPING LI 15 Diverging Experiences of Work and Social Networks Abroad: Highly Skilled British Migrants in Singapore, Vancouver, and Boston WILLIAM S. HARVEY AND JONATHAN V. BEAVERSTOCK 16 Conclusion: Themes, Gaps, and Opportunities for Rethinking International Skilled Migration HARALD BAUDER Index
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