Rethinking Difference in Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Music

Rethinking Difference in Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Music

Theory and Politics of Ambiguity

Lee, Gavin

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1. Introduction: from difference to ambiguity Gavin Lee 2. When the bearded lady sings: ambiguity aesthetics, queer identity, and the gendering of the presentational voice Mario Rey 3. Detournement and female punk bands of the 1970s Helen L. Reddington 4. Ambiguities of S/M and goth cultures' sex/gender identity politics Carol Siegel 5. Flower in the mirror and moon in the water: the ambiguity of gender, genre, and politics of Li Yugang Qian Wang 6. What counts as "queer" in an historical context?: cross dressing in nineteenth-century theatre Gillian M. Rodger 7. Funny girls and nowhere boys: reversing the gaze in the popular music biopic Matthew Bannister 8. "I'ma school that bitch": gay rappers defying binaries and expressing fierceness Kirsten Zemke and Jared Mackley-Crump 9. Queer desire is not gay, gender is a fantasy: ways of loving Britney Gavin Lee 10. "Blackness in a white void": dissonance and ambiguity in Isaac Julien's multi-screen film installations Ellie M. Hisama Afterword: the world only spins forward Paul Attinello