Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management

Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management

Buckley, M. Ronald; Halbesleben, Jonathon R. B.; Wheeler, Anthony R.

Emerald Publishing Limited






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Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management is designed to promote theory and research on important substantive and methodological topics in the field of human resources management. Volume 36 focuses on key issues such as job search processes, human resource technology systems, pregnancy issues at work, and emotions at work.
The Relevance of Discrete Emotional Experiences for Human Resource Management: Connecting Positive and Negative Emotions to HRM; Shane Connelly and Brett S. Torrence Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the 21st Century: How Might Going the Extra Mile Look Different at the Start of the New Millennium?; Jaron Harvey, Mark C. Bolino and Thomas K, Keleman Examining the Role of Pregnancy at Work: Implications for the Well-Being of the Mother and Baby; Kaylee J. Hackney and Pamela L. Perrewe A Research Revolution in SHRM: New Challenges and New Research Directions; Patrick M. Wright, Anthony J. Nyberg and Robert E. Ployhart Familiarity and Fluid Team Performance: Leadership and HRM Implications; Christopher H. Thomas, Foster Roberts, Milorad M. Novicevic, Anthony P. Ammeter and Dragan Loncar HR Technology Systems: An Evidence-Based Approach to Construct Measurement; Gary Florkowski From the Unfolding Process to Self-Regulation in Job Search: Integrating Between- and Within-Person Approaches; Serge P. da Motta Veiga, Daniel B. Turban, Allison S. Gabriel and Nitya Chawla
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