Research 2.0 and the Future of Information Literacy

Research 2.0 and the Future of Information Literacy

Karvalics, Laszlo; Koltay, Professor Tibor; Spiranec, Sonja

Elsevier Science & Technology






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1. Shifting Research Paradigms Toward Research 2.0 Researchers' Skills and Abilities Open Science The Data-Intensive Paradigm of Scientific Research Factors Inhibiting a Wider Uptake of Research 2.0 2. The Nature of Information Literacy Definitions, Declarations, and Frameworks The New Literacies Context The Reading and Writing Context Additional Contexts and Turns: Culture, LIS, and Others Literacies Beyond Information Literacy The Relationship of Information Literacy to Information Overload and Personal Information Management 3. Transformations of Information Literacy: From Bookshelves to the Web 2.0 The Practical Level: From Bibliographic Instruction to IL Theoretical Perspectives Influencing Shifts in IL The Information Environment as a Principal Driver of IL Transformations 4. Conclusion: Shaping Forces, Future Challenges
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