Regional Impacts of Resource Developments

Regional Impacts of Resource Developments

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Foreword Part 1: Economic and Social Impacts in Australia 1. Manufacturing and Tertiary Industry Impacts B.L. Johns 2. Environmental Aspects of Regional Resource Developments: A Commonwealth Perspective E.M. Anderson 3. The Role of immigration and Population Impacts of Resource Developments J.A. Gillett and A.D. Robertson 5. Some Planning Problems in the Provision of Education Facilities in Queensland Resource Development Areas: An Initial Overview G.J Butler and L.G. Harris Part 2: The Overseas Experience of Resource Developments 6. Mineral Resource Transportation and Frontier Infrastructure Provision in Canada I. Wallace 7. OK Tedi; Lessons Hardly Learnt R.T. Jackson Part 3: The Impacts of Resource Developments in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales 8. Resource Development and Environmental Planning: The Hunter Valley Experience D.G. Day and R.A. Day 9. The Economics of Water Use in the Hunter Valley: Pressures for Reallocation A.K. Dragun 10. Environmental Assessment in Regional Development with Reference to the Atmosphere Environment of the Hunter Valley N.J. Daly and A.J. Jakeman 11. The Impact of the Coal-based Developments in the Hunter Valley on the Regional Labour Market F. Perkins
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