Regional Demographic Development

Regional Demographic Development

Hobcraft, John

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Preface 1. Introduction John Hobcraft and Philip Rees Part 1: Population History 2. Regional Population Trends in England and Wales, 1750-1971 Richard Lawton 3. Regional Variations in Fertility and Child Mortality during the Demographic Transition in England and Wales William Brass and Mohammad Kabir 4. Regional and Temporal Variations in English Household Structure from 1650 Richard Wall Part 2: Fertility 5. Developments in the Interpretations of Recent Fertility Trends in England and Wales John Simons 6. Population Changes and Regional Planning in a Period of Falling Fertility David Eversly, John Ermisch and Elizabeth Overton Part 3: Migration 7. Migration within and between the Metropolitan Economic Labour Areas of Britain, 1966-1971 Stephen Kennett 8. The Relationship between Geographic and Occupational Mobility in the Context of Regional Economic Growth David Gleave and Derek Palmer 9. Characteristics of Young People who move Interregionally: a Longitudinal Study Kathleen Kiernan Part 4: Projections 10. Forecasting the Components of Population Change, with Special Reference to Migration John Hobcraft 11. Population Forecasts for British Regions: a Comparison Philip Rees
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